Storm Shelter Soulutions

At the Rogers, Arkansas-based BBB Septic, Storm Shelters & Portable Toilets, we care deeply about your safety.

That is why we only use the best products and work with only the most trusted manufacturers to provide our quality storm shelters and safe rooms.

Our main core value at BBB is integrity and part of having integrity is making sure we offer quality products and services at a fair price. You can expect nothing less with BBB storm shelters.

Busy Being The Best At Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms

We are proud to work alongside another service-minded company, Hausner, which has been the leader in precast concrete products since 1954, for our above-ground storm shelters and below-ground storm shelters. Now entering their fourth generation of operation, their number one goal remains the same—satisfied customers. We share that vision and that makes our partnership with Hausner a perfect fit.

For more than 60 years, Hausner has been committed to building high-quality, affordable products which now include safe, affordable storm shelters for the last 36 plus years. With more than 70,000 units installed, the company has always endeavored to maintain an extensive inventory to meet the demands of their customers.

Our Hausner’s storm shelters also meet federal standards. They all meet FEMA 320, 361 and ICC 500 protocol and have also been tested at Texas Tech’s Wind Science & Engineering Research Center. They are members of the American Tornado Shelter Association.

The storm shelters are reinforced with fiber mesh as well as steel re-bar, and they are poured with a minimum of 6,000 psi concrete (a normal driveway has 3000-4000 psi concrete). This means that each storm shelter is the very definition of sturdy and is tested to meet high quality standards.

Types of Arkansas Storm Shelters

Are you living in Northwest Arkansas and want to protect your family from Arkansas’ sometimes fierce storms? Our trained, licensed team will be able to help you understand which type of storm shelter you need, where it should be located on your property, and how big it should be to fit your needs.

We currently offer three types of storm shelters from Hausner, all which are customizable with different patterns and colors to best match your property.

Inground Storm Shelters

All our inground units have the traditional sloped front or a flat top, allowing you to access the safe room using a ladder.

These are ideal for use under porches and decks and are usually the most cost-effective option.

Above Ground Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms

Our above ground units are ideal for families who have accessibility concerns, including featuring a “zero entry” for those who use mobility devices such as wheelchairs.

In Floor Storm Shelters

Our in-floor storm shelters are like our in-ground shelters, except they are located in a place that allows you to enter from inside the home or connected garage.

Professional service since 1987

We have been offering our professional and licensed septic tank, outdoor toilet, and storm shelter services since 1987. The current owners, Jon Jouvenaux and Dave Davis, have proudly offered the same high-quality service for more than 20 years. Each of our licensed and fully-trained technicians is hand-picked by our management team to provide the most complete storm shelter installation services in Northwest Arkansas from Rogers, AR to Fayetteville, AR.

We partner with a growing number of manufacturers who offer the highest quality parts for all our services. The manufacturers we partner with in our business include:

  • Norweco
  • Norwesco
  • Infiltrator
  • Hausner
  • Zoeller
  • PolyLoc
  • Myers
  • Tufftight
  • Jurop
  • Crust Buster
  • Geoflow
  • AeroTech
  • BioMicrobics
  • Just Flush
  • Piles Concrete